Monday, September 24, 2012

Ginger Milk Pudding ( 姜汁撞奶)

Ginger Milk Pudding ( 姜汁撞奶)

Every Tuesday and Friday are my TV days. On these days, I'm practically glued to my TV. If I cooked on these days, they tend to be quick and simple. With today being my TV day, I decided to make ginger milk pudding during a quick TV break. 

Smooth soft gingerly milk pudding

The Chinese believes that ginger has medicinal benefits by keep the body warm and expelling cold "air" from the body. In recent years, I acquired a love for ginger and have been trying loads of ginger dishes. A few of my favorite ginger dishes includes pig trotters in ginger vinegar, ginger fried rice and for dessert - ginger milk pudding.

I first tried this dessert when I lived in Hong Kong a few years ago. My husband brought me to one of his favorite dessert house and ordered this for me to try. If you love dessert and ginger, you will love this. It has the makings of  a good pudding - smooth and soft, topped with its sweet gingerly taste.

Firm pudding

The key to this pudding is using the chemical reaction of ginger juice and milk to harden the pudding. A good milk pudding will harden and stay smooth. It's a really simple dessert to make. Using just a few simple ingredients and thirty minutes later, volia - firm smooth soft gingerly pudding.

Topped with caramalize shredded ginger



5 cups milk (1 cup for each ramekin)
4 tbsp sugar (adjust according to taste)
40g ginger

1. Put ginger in food processor and grind till fine. Or use grate ginger in fine shreds.

2. Put ginger in a cheese cloth and squeeze out the juice into a bowl. Or simply use hands to extract juice.

3. Pour ginger juice through strainer to remove any ginger pieces.

4. Spoon one tablespoon of ginger juice into each ramekin. (set aside)

5. Whisk sugar into milk.

6. Bring milk to a boil. Stir continuously to prevent burning the milk.

7. Pour milk into another pot and back. Do this pouring back and fro for at least ten times. 

8. Pour milk into each ramekin.

9. Leave to cool for approximately 15 minutes.


Tips & Tricks

1. When pouring milk back and fro, do it at a height. The pouring process helps harden the milk.

2. Do not perform the pouring back and fro for more than twenty times. Over pouring will cause the milk to "over-cool".

3. When pouring the milk into the ramekin, do not be gentle. It's ok to have spills. You need to get the ginger juice to mix with the milk.

4. Do not stir the milk after adding into the ginger juice.

5. Do not move the ramekin adding milk to ginger juice. Let them sit and set.

6. The pudding uses a chemical reaction from the ginger juice to set and harden.

7. If your pudding tends to be too watery, try stirring the ginger juice slightly, before pouring in the milk.

8. Caramalize left over ginger shreds by cooking them over low heat with 1 tbsp of sugar. Stir continously until all sugar melted and the ginger are slightly browned.

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